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Sheet Metal Layout Tip: Dimension to Formed View, Not Flat Pattern

No matter the situation, it’s difficult to watch your hard work go to waste. This is a common occurrence when manufacturers receive a sheet metal layout dimensioned in the flat pattern. These dimensions may seem helpful, but after your manufacturer makes bend deductions based on their capabilities and other bending factors, your dimensions will become unusable. To avoid wasting time on incorrect measurements, always dimension to the formed view, and here’s why:

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Dimensioning for Ease of Manufacturing

A common problem that may occur when working with an industrial manufacturer is that they will often need to correct dimensioning measurements from your original drawing. Your manufacturer will make these edits so they will be able to model the part and confidently meet the outlined measurements during inspection. However, these corrections require extra time and labor cost to keep the project moving forward. To help you prevent these common dimensioning mistakes we’ve put together some reference pictures and information to help you understand the correct dimensioning information to give your manufacturer.

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Preventing Common Press Brake Mistakes: Bend Radius for Sheet Metal

The decisions you make about the bend radius during the design stage will determine how difficult it will be to produce the design. That’s why it is important to understand the material’s capabilities and what you should avoid designing around a bend, so you can avoid common press brake design mistakes before the design goes into production. The following list explains four common bend radius mistakes, and how to prevent them. Read more