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Adding Production Capacity at HUI Manufacturing

HUI has added manufacturing production capacity by remodeling office space and turning it into a new shop floor area. With the new additions HUI plans on adding over 10,000 hours of capacity, which translates into space to hire additional manufacturing employees as we continue to grow as a sheet metal manufacturing company. In this video HUI’s Continuous Improvement Manager, Mike, explains the renovation and the plan for the new area.

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New TRUMPF Machine at HUI Set to Improve Production Speed

November was an exciting month for HUI, as we built our first run of sellable parts on our brand new TruMatic 6000 TRUMPF machine. This is great news for both our customers and our teammates. Once the machine is functioning at full capacity by the end of December, we’ll see improvements in production speed, shop floor efficiency, and additional design capabilities. To learn more about HUI’s plans for the new TRUMPF Machine, I Interviewed HUI’s Continuous Improvement Manager, Mike Schwarz, and here’s what I learned:

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