We started with a simple idea.

HUI’s evolution over the last 81 years speaks to our ability to change rapidly based on our commitment to listen to our customers’ needs.

In 1998, HUI began a two-pronged effort to reshape and build the company for the 21st century. If you toured our facility at that time you would have met an exceptional group of people doing business in a manner that was very typical of both our region and industry. As we turned a mirror on ourselves, we began to ask very tough questions about our ability to be “different” in an increasingly fast-paced and shrinking world. Internally, we realized that we had to make every effort possible to leverage our greatest resources: the people and culture of HUI. This started with the implementation of LEAN in our manufacturing operations. It then shifted to applying LEAN principles to our office processes and functions.

The latest part of our journey has been the marriage of these operational concepts with a team-based environment. As these forces have matured and grown, and as we continue to improve and evolve, we now find ourselves with an empowered, motivated, agile and exceptionally fast organization.

Externally, we emphasized the need to morph from a component supplier to a solution provider in the eyes of the marketplace. As this focus has developed and sharpened over the years, we are now able to perform two very important functions for our customers. The first being the ability to listen and interpret our customers’ needs; the second being the ability to deliver solutions to these needs at a high level. As our circle of listening, learning, growing and performing have continued to rotate, the overall growth and improvement of the organization has accelerated to the point where we now provide our customers with engineering, supply chain and assembly services at the same performance levels that they have come to know.

As you read this letter, know that our journey is not yet complete. In fact, it is only just beginning. Our ability to create these changes over the past 15 years combined with our self-sustaining momentum gives us high hopes for the future. In the end, we will measure our performance based on two simple factors: the success of our customers and the growth of our people. We look forward to partnering with your organization.

Best regards,

Kurt Bell

President & CEO

1965 HUI Shop
1980 HUI Shop