Powder Coating and Finishing

Powder Coating and Finishing

One of HUI’s greatest assets is our ability to paint and provide finishing services in-house. This involves several thorough processes regarding our powder coating and finishing procedures to ensure the utmost quality.


 Paint thickness inspections occur before and after curing for aesthetics
• Cleaning procedures in place to prevent cross contamination
• Powder gun preventive maintenance schedules in place to ensure guns work properly
• Climate-controlled temperature and humidity room to ensure powder sprays evenly and climate controlled oven to ensure proper curing temperature
• Color development procedure in place to ensure prototype colors meeting customer expectations

We manufacture and powder coat in the same building. Assemblies run online so that we meet very short lead times. We can do color changes quickly and paint over ten colors every day. Paintline workers can flex between loading, powder coating, and assembly. Plus, we have technicians who can flex from the fabrication floor to paintline and vice versa to help with changes in customer demand.

What You Need to Know about Our In-house Powder Coat Line:

• Environmentally controlled clean room
• 1,160 ft. monorail conveyor system
• Six-stage spray washer with a computer-controlled D.I. system
• Color Spectrophotometer to ensure consistent color matching
• AMAT (Applied Materials) Certified

Finishing Services

Additional Finishing Services

HUI utilizes the expertise of several certified local sources for finishing, including services such as plating and anodizing. These capabilities reinforce our commitment to being a single source provider, ensuring quality and consistency and simplifying your purchase process.