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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Robust capabilities and highly-trained fabrication technicians ready to produce high-quality fabricated products for our customers.

Critical Tolerances:

  • Single Flange Dimensions +/- .010
  • Overall Formed/Welded Dimensions +/-.030
  • Hole Diameters +/- .003
  • Hole-to-Hole Centers +/- .005
  • Weld Assemblies +/- .045

Scroll below to see specific metal cutting, bending and forming, and welding capabilities.


Explore our sheet metal cutting capabilities and equipment below.
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MILD STEEL    24 gauge to .5" plate
STAINLESS STEEL    24 gauge to .25"
GALVANIZED STEEL    24 gauge to .138"
ALUMINUM    24 gauge to .25"

Trumpf TruMatic 6000  

Highly efficient automated machine with robust laser and punching technology. 

60" x 120" Max Sheet Size  20 Ton Punching Force 3kW Fiber Laser


Carbon Steel    6mm|.250" Stainless Steel    6mm |.250" Aluminum    5mm|.196"
MAZAK Super Turbo
2.5 kW X-48 Laser Cutting System (2)
1.5 kW Laser Cutting System
Turret Punch/Laser Combo



Explore our sheet metal forming and bending capabilities and equipment below.
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4 Trumpf TruBend 5130 Press Brakes:

  • Max Bend Length 120"
  • Press Force 150 Tons
  • 6 Axis Backgauge



Amada HD 1303 NT

Press Force: 130 tons
120” Bend Length


Press Force: 150 tons
20” Bend Length

Amada HFB 22040 (2)

Press Force: 200 tons
168” Bend Length

Amada HFB 1003

Press Force: 110 ton
120” Bend Length

Amada HFB 8025 (2)

Press Force: 88 tons
96” Bend Length

Amada FBD 8020

Press Force: 88 tons
72” Bend Length


12 weld stations manned by skilled and experienced welders. Carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum.
Explore our MIG, TIG, spot, and stud welding capabilities and equipment below.
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Miller Invision™ 456P (2)
Miller Maxtron™ 450 (3)
Miller Phoenix™ 456 (3)
Millermatic™ 135
Millermatic™ 211
Millermatic™ 252 (3)
Millermatic™ 350p (3)

Lincoln Square Wave®
Miller Dynasty™ 210
Miller Syncrowave™ 350 LX
Miller Syncrowave™ 351 (2)
Miller XMT 304™ cc/cv

Banner® 130 KVA
Banner® 75 KVA
Banner® 75 KVA

Pro-Weld CD-512
Tru-Weld 375

Paint Illustration

Powder-Coating & Finishing

In-house powder coating line with environmentally-controlled clean room. Skilled powder coating technicians with dedicated quality system to achieve spectrophotometer-verified color matching and coverage.

Nordson Spectrum® Powder Feed System
Nordson Horizon® Powder-Coating Rooms (2)


Pre-Treatment Washer
Computer-Controlled DI


Max Unit Size

1,160 ft

Conveyor System



Quality & Engineering

  • Robust total quality management system committed to ISO standards.
  • Team of full-time engineers dedicated to providing quality support and cost-savings through design for manufacturability and assembly.

InspectVision Vision-Based Planar 2D Inspection Machine
Fastest flat-sheet metal part inspection in the world with full CAD report capabilities.

  • 40 Million Measurements in 0.1 seconds
  • Guaranteed ISO:10360 Accuracy
Edge FaroArm 6ft Portable CMM
3D CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) compatible with PolyWorks & Smart Profile. Provides accuracy to .0013”

Team of full-time engineers specializing in design for manufacturing & assembly, DFMEA, PFMEA, prototyping, and revision.

CAD Software:

SolidWorks® SolidWorks® Composer Creo


Offline Programming:

TruTops Boost Planar Cadman  LVD NCell

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Download our Equipment & Capabilities Quick Reference