Design Engineering

Engineering and Design for Manufacturing

Our staff of industrial engineers has the experience and expertise to partner with you! HUI's industrial engineering team will ensure your job will pass ratings tests, be built within the right tolerances, and meet your design intent for form, fit, and function. We pride ourselves in peer-to-peer communication with our customers' engineers to facilitate the job and get it right the first time.

Our engineers leverage years of experience in design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) to identify design changes that lead to better quality, shorter lead times, and cost reduction.

HUI uses SolidWorks© CAD software to assess products in need of redesign and transcribes customer prints for manufacturability. Our processes allow our engineers to identify potential manufacturing problems at the design stage to create an optimal solution. We use simulators to verify that the design will fit your needs so we can correct any errors before your parts are fabricated, saving time and money.