Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Once you provide us with your specific requirements, we will develop an assembly concept and generate a full set of drawings to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable and courteous engineering team can assist you with every aspect of the design process.

Providing existing design work allows our engineers to leverage their experience in design manufacturing and assembly, which assists with identifying design changes that lead to better quality and, in some cases, cost reduction.

HUI uses SolidWorks© CAD software to assess products in need of redesign and transcribes customer prints for manufacturability. Our processes allow our engineers to identify potential manufacturing problems at the design stage to create an optimal solution. We use simulators to verify whether or not the design will fit your needs so we can correct any errors before your parts are fabricated, saving time and money.

HUI’s structure encourages and involves our design and engineering teams in the entire manufacturing and fabrication process. Many team members hold positions or contribute these areas: to quality/quality control, LEAN, project management and maintain open lines of communication to the fabrication floor, paintline and warehouse. Our engineers have an intimate knowledge of sheet metal fabrication because they all have had some extent of personal working experience in that field.

HUI’s design and engineering teams can assist with mechanical design challenges including, but not restricted to, these product categories:

·         Custom Enclosures ·         Chassis
·         Electrical Enclosures ·         Panels
·         Rackmount Enclosures ·         Kiosks
·         NEMA Enclosures ·         AC & DC Drives
·         Wall Mount Enclosures ·         Hydraulic Power Units
·         Computer Enclosures ·         Medical Carts and Related Systems