Off-Line Assembly

High-volume products require us to utilize our off-line assembly process. To compensate for any possible time loss, we kanban products to expedite lead times. Our off-line assembly flow is set up to LEAN standards. This eliminates logistical time waste. Our off-line assembly methods are created in preparation for short lead times, effectively caters to the needs of our customers.


On-Line Assembly

Rather than painting all like components at one time, we hang and paint our parts in “kit form” whenever possible. This allows us to start the assembly process as we unload the paintline, eliminating the need to sort and stage the components in a different location. By utilizing on-line assembly, we shorten your lead time and save you money.


Medical Cart Assembly

Much like our fabrication process, medical cart assembly undergoes a one-product flow. Following our on-line assembly processes, medical carts undergo assembly as soon as they are taken off the paintline. This area has both stationary and mobile stations so that every product has its own unique assembly flow, which eliminates logistical waste and encourages in-process flow to maintain lead times.