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Fabrication Technician Jobs in Wisconsin

Fabrication Technician Job Description

Fabrication is made of up four main areas: FMS (laser cutting), strippit (turret punching), press brake and welding. Everyone in fabrication is part of our cross training program. In fabrication, we train our operators to set up and program the machines, load tooling or special fixtures, preventative maintenance and quality inspection. The expectation is that a cell technician can set up and run products and parts through the cell that meet the customer specifications. Mechanical aptitude, problem-solving, communication skills, computer navigation, print reading and work flow skills are all essential functions to the success of this position.

Paintline Job

Paintline/Assembly Technician Job Description

Paintline/Assembly Technicians are part of the overall Paintline team and are cross-trained to flex into different areas of the Paint/Assembly area. A variety of products move through the Paintline daily which requires technicians to read prints, communicate with the team, problem solve, and use effective workflow skills in order to assemble products using a variety of hand, pneumatic, and electric tools; and assemble and test electrical components.

Shipping and Receiving Coordinator - Material Handler - WisconsinWarehouse Technician Job Description

This position is responsible for warehouse functions and supplying the cells with various supplies. To achieve this, the individual must be willing to be flexible, be a team player, and have the desire to problem solve. It is going to be very important that this person communicates well, is willing to learn, and try new things. Operating a forklift is going to be one of the main responsibilities.


ThirdMaintenance Technician Wisconsin Shift Maintenance Technician Description

HUI’s Maintenance personnel are responsible for repairing equipment, maintaining the facility, and performing preventative maintenance on our equipment. There will be times when this person will need work with outside contractors or equipment service technicians to repair or service our equipment and or facility.  As a member of the HUI Team, this individual will work on a variety of different projects, ranging from complex pieces of equipment all the way to changing light bulbs. This person needs to be flexible and willing to cross train in many different areas…

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