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Fabrication Jobs in Kiel Wisconsin

Fabrication Technician Job Description

Fabrication is made of up four main areas: FMS (laser cutting), strippit (turret punching), press brake and welding. Everyone in fabrication is part of our cross training program. In fabrication, we train our operators to set up and program the machines, load tooling or special fixtures, preventative maintenance and quality inspection. The expectation is that a cell technician can set up and run products and parts through the cell that meet the customer specifications. Mechanical aptitude, problem-solving, communication skills, computer navigation, print reading and work flow skills are all essential functions to the success of this position.

Team Lead - Paintline & Assembly Job - Kiel WI

Team Lead – Paintline & Assembly Job Description

HUI is seeking a Team Lead to coordinate and oversee the operations of the Paintline & Assembly team. This person will coach, problem-solve and assure the delivery of the highest quality product to our customers. HUI practices Lean manufacturing and embraces new ideas and perspectives that improve the our manufacturing processes. Lead the Paintline & Assembly team members. Coordinate daily production schedule. Proficiently manage the daily work flow. Ensure your team meets quality standards and on-time delivery of product. Assist in the cross-functional training and development of team members on the following job functions…

Paintline & Assembly Jobs in Paintline Job in Kiel Wisconsin

Paintline/Assembly Technician Job Description

Paintline/Assembly Technicians are part of the overall Paintline team and are cross-trained to flex into different areas of the Paint/Assembly area. A variety of products move through the Paintline daily which requires technicians to read prints, communicate with the team, problem solve, and use effective workflow skills in order to assemble products using a variety of hand, pneumatic, and electric tools; and assemble and test electrical components.

Other duties include…

IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialist

As the IT Support, you will support the IT staff in software, hardware and all other technological tasks and issues. This is an entry-level IT position with the opportunity to learn and grow with HUI. Responsibilities include troubleshooting issues with equipment such as printers, computers and servers; complete software updates; and perform file backups when requested. As our IT Support, you may participate in the development of new desktops, servers or applications; and research unusual IT issues and determine solutions.

Other duties include…

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