After Ninety Years in Business, HUI Manufacturing Rebrands with a Bold and Exciting New Look.

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KIEL, WI (January 25, 2024) -- After celebrating their ninetieth anniversary and a rich history in metal manufacturing last fall, HUI Manufacturing took the initiative to rebrand and adopt a fresh new look. The changes were prompted to match their unique contrarian style and to reflect their employee centric growth mindset – which they have developed throughout the last twenty years.

HUI’s CEO Kurt Bell was asked about the new logo and brand style changes. He feels the changes were necessary to celebrate the company's heritage, reflect the current state of the organization, and help communicate their commitment to the future.

“Many metal manufactures use a traditional organization structure - where employees report to a hierarchy of managers. At HUI, we’ve spent the last twenty years using a contrarian approach to flip that ideology around and allow our employees growth to drive our company growth.

The new logo and brand styles were necessary to communicate more clearly what we do for our customers, showcase our progress, and make a commitment to our future”

HUI will now use branded-house architecture similar to big brands like FedEx or Honda. That architecture utilizes a parent logo that is then repeated into each industry-specific child brand. Each child brand then encompasses a unique look that is specific to its respective industry to better resonate with its unique audience.


The new HUI corporate logo communicates aspects of cutting, bending, or forming sheet metal. The new color pallet also pays homage to HUI’s heritage by continuing the use of their traditional merlot red. The Industrial and Medical logos were developed to utilize iconography and colors found inside their respective industries.

The new company branding is set to cast its appearance progressively throughout the month of February and into April of 2024.

HUI is a contract-based sheet metal manufacturer of cabinets and enclosures to the industrial automations and energy market, as well as custom medical device carts for major medical technology companies. HUI has approximately 132 employees at its Kiel facility who work every day to produce quality products that are used across the country and beyond. Founded in 1933, HUI is privately-owned and has approximately $27M in annual revenue. Find out more about HUI medical carts by visiting

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