How will an ISO 9001 Certification Benefit Your Industry?

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Sometimes the toughest thing about obtaining your 9001 ISO certification is getting everyone in your company on board. It’s a common misconception for many organizations to assume obtaining an ISO certificate will add waste or that the time spent initiating the process won’t pay off in the long run. While it’s true that it takes a lot of hard work to get the ball rolling, an ISO certification is definitely value added to your business in the long run.

What does ISO 9001 certification mean for industrial manufacturers?

A large part of the ISO 9001 certification means instilling and maintaining processes in which employees complete tasks the same way every time. Implementing this LEAN-based strategy results in fewer quality issues and increased margins, on-time and overall customer satisfaction.

You will definitely need to invest in quality management systems (QMS) software and someone who can initially compose or build the system. When that’s complete, you’ll also need to hire a third party registrar to verify the validity of the newly written and revised quality management system.

Despite these hurdles, engaging the entire company in the ISO 9001 mindset can be the most challenging part about transitioning into this process. However, depending on how LEAN your manufacturing floor is before investing in ISO, it generally only takes about six months to a year to fully implement.

What must an industrial manufacturer do to maintain its ISO 9001 certification?

ISO certifications require its companies to implement regular meetings to ensure all areas of management are on the same page regarding every facet of documentation—complete revision control, training records, preventative and corrective actions and so on. To ensure processes and documents have been kept up-to-date, an accredited registrar schedules annual audits.

What are the benefits of being ISO 9001 certified?

The benefits gained through ISO 9001 certification are plentiful and interconnected. After its initiation, PPM will improve as well as overall product quality. Better product and business quality will generate better margins, which inevitably turns into better sales growth and net income. Not only do manufacturers with ISO certifications improve their own business as a whole, but their status also gives them a competitive edge over their competition, which is crucial when a potential customer weighs the pros and cons between two manufacturing suppliers.

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