What are the Benefits of Branding your Industrial Enclosure?

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If you’re not branding your industrial products, then you’re missing a highly valuable opportunity to convey a consistent representation of your organization’s credibility, product quality and overall value. Your customers are spending thousands of dollars to purchase your equipment, so shouldn't they readily know who produced it?

Standard industrial enclosures are efficient for some applications. However, from a branding perspective, they don’t contribute to reputation. These industrial products might display the manufacturer’s brand—not yours—or not show one at all, leaving the customer misinformed.

With a customizable industrial enclosure, you have the option to convey your brand by incorporating your company’s logo and colors into its design, making your product an interactive billboard that provides a constant reminder of who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re concerned about the additional cost of making your brand stand out, don’t be. Any incremental cost is relatively minimal and, from a long-term perspective, the increase in customers’ perceived value and recognition is well worth it.

Beyond the Logo

Keep in mind that branding is more than just logos and colors. It’s how your customers experience your product. Whatever message your organization has determined to sell to your audience, it has to be communicated consistently and frequently if it’s going to help establish and enhance your reputation. It’s also key to keeping your brand top-of-mind and to signaling to prospects what it is you stand for—whether that’s premium quality, optimum performance durability or ease of use.

Consistent design is also the best way to make sure customers easily recognize your products. Customers ask us to alter an industrial design to match their pre-existing equipment, making the product “family up” with other items. The result? You have more pieces with the company brand proudly displayed, and more prospects see your products wherever they look.

Whatever impression you want your customers to walk away with, HUI can help you convey that. Contact Ryan Arnold at rarnold@huimfg.com to get your project underway!

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