Benefits of Hiring Engineers with Fabrication Experience

Brittany Beckmann 4 Comments

Almost all engineers have gone through postsecondary education, but perhaps one of the most beneficial educational experiences is actually working on the shop floor.

At HUI, 71 percent of its office staff has worked in fabrication or paintline throughout their careers.  One of these people, Alonso Davila, started out working on the fabrication floor as a press brake operator and now works as an engineer. Davila still applies his knowledge from fabrication in his engineering work today.

Every manufacturer has a different set of machines, capabilities, processes and internal struggles. Those who have worked on the fabrication floor have an intimate knowledge of their manufacturer’s capabilities and integrate that in their day to day tasks. Because Davila is familiar with HUI’s tooling and overall capabilities, he has a better idea of how long a task might take and the best methods for engineering job instructions for the fabrication floor. Having a background in fabrication gives engineers a leg up in anticipating problems before they happen, and it’s helpful in establishing industrial and LEAN solutions.

In addition to job knowledge, this blue collar experience gives engineers credibility in discussion manufacturing matters with those currently working on the shop floor. Engineers with this background are more likely to understand production issues and develop working relationships with people on the shop floor to improve processes.

This knowledge especially comes in handy when designing a new part. An engineer who also has machining capabilities can physically experiment with tooling and possible workflow solutions.

At HUI, our engineers have an intimate understanding of our capabilities and pride themselves on creating industrial and manufacturing solutions for their customers. Contact us today, and we’ll get your project underway.

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