Consider These Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Next Industrial Project

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Between all the ideas, details and various requirements, sometimes it can be difficult to keep your project's costs on target. So, we've devised a list of ways you can implement cost-effective solutions.

Finishing and assembly practices that will help maintain target price

It's no secret that welding and finishing can add significant dollars to your project, so reduce welding or finishing requirements wherever possible to help your project maintain its target price. Consider the purpose of your product—does it absolutely need high finishing standards? Is the paint thick enough to mask general wear and tear of fabrication? Be sure to discuss possibilities and options with your manufacturer.

Consider incorporating more fasteners and rivets to minimize the amount of welding and finishing wherever possible. Both of these options can be more practical depending on the application.  When it comes to assembly, consistency is key. Make the design and fasteners repeatable. This will reduce time spent with fixturing and the amount of part numbers.

How purchasing and material selections contribute to a cost-efficient project 

When it comes to choosing materials for your industrial product, use parts or products are readily available and try to avoid custom or brand new materials and powder. Such materials tend to be difficult to obtain and less economical.

Focus more on functionality than design

Typically, customers like you have a pretty good idea of what they want, but sometimes, the idea in mind maybe less conducive to your budgetary needs. Discuss the functionality and look you desire with your manufacturer. More often than not, a more cost-effective solution sits just around the corner.

Let's say you're designing an enclosure and want to eliminate gaps. You may automatically think "custom cabinet hinge," which makes sense. However, by discussing the functionality of what you want with your manufacturer, you'll find that they can design a bracket that will do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

If you have an industrial product or redesign coming up, contact us today, and we’ll get your project underway.

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