Custom Fabrication Options for Electrical Enclosures, Boxes, and Cabinets

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If you typically buy standard electrical enclosures and boxes, you know that there are thousands of options available. However, when you need a few modifications to enclosures at high production volumes, it’s best to get help from a manufacturer who provides custom fabrication. HUI’s Industrial Business Development team specializes in these custom enclosures, so we thought we’d share some common modifications you can expect from custom metal fabrication manufacturers.

Additional Cutouts, Holes, and Tapped Holes

Fabricating a custom electrical enclosure

One of the most popular modifications that clients request are additional cutouts, holes, and tapped holes. Standard enclosures don’t always have the perfect amount of cutouts and holes for your needs, or those features are located in the wrong place for your product. For large production runs, that can be a huge problem when you don’t have the capacity or manufacturing equipment to make those changes. It’s often more efficient and cost effective to utilize a custom fabrication manufacturer who will build your enclosures with all the additional features already built in.

At HUI, we have a production floor that’s fully equipped to handle any of these modifications. We also offer engineering support to help you with customization. The team can help with initial drawings, or simply adjust your drawings for manufacturability.

Special Power Coat Paint and Finishes

Powder Coating Custom Fabrication Parts

Another common modification request is special powder coat paints and finishes. Clients typically take advantage of these modifications for branding purposes. Standard enclosures tend to be basic gray colors that blend into their surroundings and go unnoticed. If you want your enclosure to stand out and represent your brand, you can take advantage of custom paint options and finishes. It’s a great way to make a name for your brand and set quality standards that your customers can expect from you.

At HUI, we offer powder coating services in-house. This helps shorten lead times for our clients. It also provides an extra level of inspection for any flaws like scratches and grind marks missed during previous inspections. Our painters catch quality issues before they are painted, preventing wasted parts and setbacks in lead time.

Custom Fabrication Enclosure Sizes and Shapes

Custom Fabrication on  Electrical Enclosures

The final modification that clients request is custom enclosure sizes and shapes. Sometimes people are looking for an enclosure size between two standard sizes. Other times they need a custom configuration for their application. Either way, custom enclosures are a great solution for unique size requirements.

At HUI, we build all enclosures to NEMA and IP protection ratings, so size is an easy modification for our fabrication teams and industrial engineers to take on.

Manufacturing Custom Electrical Enclosures

I hope this blog gives you good insight for some modifications custom fabrication manufacturers can offer. Choosing a contract manufacturer who builds custom enclosures is an efficient, cost-effective way to produce modified enclosures in large quantities. Custom fabrication manufacturers also give you more control over the quality standards and provide you with a unique product your customers can’t purchase anywhere else.

At HUI, our teams are well equipped to take on your enclosure modification needs. If you’d like to learn more about HUI’s capabilities, or if you need help with your own custom enclosure project, please contact us today!

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