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It’s not uncommon for sheet metal manufacturers to have some kind of in-house painting capability because, quite frankly, it just makes sense. Innumerable benefits go hand-in-hand with in-house painting, and they all boil down to these two categories: speed and quality control.


The fact that speed makes a difference when painting in-house almost goes without saying. Think of the alternative. If a manufacturer does not have the tools to paint in-house and must outsource, it lengthens the lead time considerably. Outsourcing to painting industry can, in some cases, set back your lead time by two weeks. Because of its capabilities, HUI can have a product powder coated and ready to ship in one day.

Quality Control

Quality control is a loaded benefit because it affects so much. Manufacturers without in-house painting capabilities have a difficult time controlling paint and finish quality. Mistakes happen—scratches and grind marks from fabrication aren’t always covered by the paint, especially if it’s a gloss.

An advantage that in-house painters have is training to detect those flaws and inspect parts for standard finish requirements. Painters who work outside of a sheet metal manufacturer may not have this expertise, so parts that may require more finishing won’t be detected before they get painted, resulting in wasted parts and a setback in lead time.

Sometimes, quality issues may stem from shipping—parts might get jumbled or rub against one another, leading to another quality issue that painters without manufacturing experience may not notice.

In-house painters have the opportunity to collaborate with their fabrication counterparts to ensure customers receive well-painted industrial products that are held to and maintain high-quality standards all within a shorter lead time. Do you have an industrial product that would benefit from powder coating in-house? Contact us today to get your project underway!

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  1. Thank you for all this great information about powder coating! One thing that really stood out to me is that you say that powder coating it actually very can be done in one day! It would be nice to know that you won’t be spending a lot of time worry about the paint.

  2. Definitely agree and you got it on point! Speed and quality control are quite the essentials to consider in the painting industry. After all, our aim is to provide quality work to our clients.

  3. I had heard about powder coating and wanted to know exactly what it was. In the article you talked about how powder coating is a great alternative to paint as you don’t have to worry about things like scratches or grind marks. Being able to have that great look without worrying about small, noticeable scratches would be great. Especially if you have kids around and they are bound to bump up on the walls.

  4. Quality control really is one of the biggest benefits you can get from performing your powdercoating in-house. As the article points out it allows your workers to easily spot flaws because they’ve been trained to properly apply it. Not only that, but in-house powdercoating allows you full control of the process so that you can make sure it is done right all the way to shipping.

  5. I like what you said about how in-house painters have the training to detect flaws and inspect parts for standard finish requirements. My husband and I want to repaint the interior of our home to brighter colors to liven up the inside. Thank you for the information about how quality control is a loaded benefit because it affects so much.

  6. I agree, speed is a huge benefits that you can gain from powder coating in-house. After all, you will not have to wait for the parts to get back from the other shop you are sending them to. You might even be able to save a little money since you don’t have to spend any on shipping the parts to the other factory as well.

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