What Materials Do You Need to Give to Your Industrial Manufacturer

Brittany Beckmann 4 Comments

Finding an industrial manufacturer to partner with can be a challenging task, let alone knowing exactly what information they'll need from you.

Excellent communication practices are paramount when it comes to any successful B2B relationship, which is why our Industrial Business Development team has put together a checklist of items—and their corresponding formats—that you'll need to give to your manufacturer for any industrial project.

  • Revisions and/or prints—pdf format
  • 3D models—SolidWorks or any other 3D software
  • Inspection requirements - first article, PPAP levels, COCs
  • Lead time
  • Notate whether or not you need serial number or other labels on any parts
  • Does your product require specific packaging?
  • Who's your carrier? How will you want to handle shipping? What addresses should your product be shipped to?
  • Order quantities
  • EAU (Estimated Annual Usage)

This information is vital to your manufacturer because it gives them an idea on production capacity, pricing, expected sales and purchasing.

  • Standards and specs

These include finishes, tolerances, material and paints that are both general practices and specific to your product.

  • Contact information - exchange primary contact and AP (Accounts Payable) information

If you're working with a larger company (or vice versa), it's always good to establish primary contacts from both parties.

  • Estimating standpoint

The more specific the information you give your manufacturer, the more accurate your quotes will be. It also enhances communication and helps build a working bond between you and your industrial manufacturer. The most practical way to submit an order is via email because it diminishes the chances of getting lost and can easily be distributed if needed.

At HUI, we have an in-depth understanding of how to make a successful industrial product, and it starts with an open floor of communication. Contact us today to get your project underway.

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